Our Beliefs

Our faith based organization is a little different.

We believe that freedom of religion allows for many different faiths to co-exist. 

Our belief is in the creator of the universe and his (or her) belief in YOU.

What we believe

Religion is personal.

All life matters.

There is always hope.

Faith is the greatest power.

There is meaning to our existence.

The Creator has given us all we need.

Life can only thrive when freedom is respected. 

Children light the path of the future and must be protected.

Respect, kindness and empathy are the keys to the Universe.

There are limits to science.

Death is a weapon to create fear.

The body is the vessel of the soul.

Scriptures are just one way the universe speaks to us.

The fate of our spiritual vessels cannot be decided by others.

Humanity has been manipulated with fear for profit and power.

Illness, ailments and disease are often spiritual as well as physical.

Forced vaccination is comparable to branding slaves and marking jews.

Manifest destiny is not just a theory, but playing out before us right now.

Overtly manipulating, meddling with or patenting DNA is morally criminal.

Vaccines and medications that use or rely on fetuses are an abomination.

With faith and imagination, one person can change the future of the world.

Religions may have been be weaponized in the past to push apathy or anger.