An assault on the heart.

Many of you have felt hurt or wounded by friends and family over the past two years. “GET THE JAB” they say. “You’re crazy!” others tell you. Despite all the factual or scientific evidence in the world that these things may not be safe or that they are part of a larger social issue, you can’t break through their delusion. You’re left feeling as if the framework of reality has collapsed and you are untethered.  Once someone makes a decision to embrace something like a vaccine, every word you say risks striking terror in their hearts so they must force you to their will. This is the cornerstone of Cognitive Dissonance.

The truth is they were always like this.

How many decisions did you make in the past to acquiesce to their wishes, their beliefs, or their values?  Then 2020 came and with it brought such a shocking jolt to your psyche that you started asking questions. Your soul which was jaded and deluded was reset.  Perhaps you’ve realized you cannot tolerate abortion anymore or have developed opinions that popular media tells you are wrong.  These are triggers to people who are terrified of confronting their own issues and that terror manifests itself in an assault on your beliefs. It’s so very  important that you escape the mental prison of your old framework so that you can make your own decisions. 

Imagine you are seeing the world with new eyes. Sometimes what you see hurts. If you come back to their way of thinking your identity – the framework of your newfound soul – may not survive. If you decide you do agree with ‘them’, that also is fine. Be true to who you are either way. 

As awful as it is and as disruptive as it can be to your life, I think it’s important to realize these relationships were keeping you from demonstrating your true potential. It’s not to say that they were bad people (though some may be), it’s that the truth YOU was surpressed out of fear of hurting them or wounding their egos.

If being true to yourself is an offense to people in your life, it’s time to re-evaluate those relationships.

We may not be able to save everyone. We can limit the damage done to us and develop healthy boundaries to prevent negative influences. Karma will take care of the rest. It is more important that you give yourself a chance to formulate your own opinions. Establish your own belief structure based off of all you have learned.

Do your own research.

Find your path to a better future.